Every person is unique and so is every program.

Individual Coaching
One-on-one coaching customized to meet you where you are and set
you up for success.

Identify Pain Points

Pain Points are the "whats" that limit you, keep you playing small and prevent growth.

Common Pain Points Include:

Transitions or Life Changes
Communication Challenges
Strategic Growth & Advancement,
Leadership Development
Work/Life Balance
Purpose & Passion

If Pain Points are the "What"

Goals are the "Why".
Build personal awareness, learn strategies to overcome obstacles and create success.

Common Goals may Include:
Successfully Navigating Transitions
Improving Professional and Personal Relationships

Finding and Pursuing Purpose and Passion
Creating strong Leadership Presence
Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Productivity 

Set a Goal

Create the Roadmap

Following suit, Roadmaps are the "How".  We will chart a course for your coaching journey

and actively working towards them.


Create a realistic timeline for our coaching work and identify any potential de-railers or roadblocks.

Establish accountability strategies for you to hold yourself accountable between sessions,

Set Benchmarks to monitor your progress and celebrate your "wins".

*Individual Coaching Sessions are 60 minutes each.  New clients meet weekly for the first 12 sessions.

Group Coaching 

Group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context.

We curate each group to ensure an intimate conversation space, focused on supporting one another, deepening awareness around key issues, setting goals, taking action, and holding one another accountable.

Information on FALL 2022 programs
coming soon.

To receive information on upcoming group coaching programs 

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CBT Sessions

One on One therapy sessions to help clients move forward from  trauma, anxiety or limiting beliefs.

To schedule a CBT session, please contact Jordan Schwartz Hendin below.


*CBT Sessions are 60 minutes each.  New clients meet weekly for the first 12 sessions.

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