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Every client is unique
and so is every coaching program.

CBT Coaching for Individuals, Couples & Partners 

STEP 1: Identify Pain Points

Pain Points are the "what" that limit you, keep you playing small and prevent growth.

Common Pain Points Include:

  • Transitions or Life Changes

  • Communication Challenges

  • Career Growth & Advancement

  • Leadership Development

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Purpose & Passion

If Pain Points are the "what," Goals are the "why."
Build personal awareness, learn strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve success.


Common Goals Include:

  • Successfully Navigating  Transitions

  • Improving Professional & Personal Relationships

  • Pursuing your Purpose & Passion

  • Becoming an effective Leader

  • Optimizing your Physical & Emotional Health

  • Changing Careers or Starting a Business

  • Creating the Life of your Dreams

Set the Goal

STEP 3: Create the Roadmap

Following suit, Roadmaps are the "How."  
We will chart a course for your coaching journey

and actively work towards them.


  • Create a realistic timeline for our coaching work and identify any potential de-railers or roadblocks.

  • Establish accountability strategies for you to hold yourself accountable between sessions.

  • Set Benchmarks to monitor your progress.

  • Celebrate your "wins" and identify next steps.

*Individual & Partner Coaching Sessions are 50 minutes each.  New clients meet weekly for the first 12 sessions.

Group Coaching Programs

Group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context.

We curate each group to ensure an intimate conversation space, focused on supporting one another, deepening awareness around key issues, setting goals, taking action, and holding one another accountable.

Breaking Your Own Glass Ceiling:

Group Coaching Mastermind for
Female Entrepreneurs

"What if the thing that's holding you back is YOU?"

This Program Includes:

Eight Group Coaching Sessions

Two Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions

ELI Assessment & Debrief

Introduction to Energy Leadership 

Program Topics:

Learning the "Why" behind Imposter Syndrome

Removing Internal and External Roadblocks

Creating balance when "It's all on you"

Dynamic Communication & Leadership Strategies

Zoom in/Zoom out: Pivoting between Short and Long Term Goals

Who, What, How: Tools & Support for Small Business

Design Thinking 101 

Pushing past Plateaus: Going from Start-up to high Growth

During this program you will:

Receive unconditional and non-judgmental support.

Identify and align with your Core Values.

Learn to navigate unexpected challenges with confidence,
clarity and a strong sense of self.

Re-frame negative experiences and turn challenges into opportunities.

Learn techniques to improve organization and productivity.

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