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Hi, and welcome to Catalyst4Change. 


I'm Jordan, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach, WorkLife balance disruptor and entrepreneur.  I am also someone who has suffered from imposter syndrome,  anxiety and at times crippling self doubt.  


For over 20 years I defined myself by corporate title and annual income. I had launched two successful companies, climbed the corporate ladder and was always waiting for the world to confirm that I was a success.   But every time I moved ahead, I moved the goal post as well, thus setting myself up to be forever running towards a finish line I would never reach.


After years of strategically navigating my career,  I was approached to lead Sales & Marketing for a real estate hospitality start-up.   This was the opportunity I had been waiting for.  The company was a disruptor in the industry, on the brink of massive growth and founded by two of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I had ever met... and they wanted ME.  

It wasn't long however, before all of the qualities that landed me the position (confidence, experience, insight, leadership) had begun to fade away. I was sure that at any minute, they would discover me for the fraud I was.   I began hearing the familiar voice of self doubt whispering in my ear and it was starting to show.  I reached out to our head of HR for support and was told about a new program for senior leaders, Coaching.  I promptly scheduled a session.


Halfway into my first session I was asked, "What are some of your core values?" About 2 words into my answer, the coach said,  "No, not values you think you should have, but the ones that are intrinsic to who you are."   That correction was my first 'a-ha' moment.  I was aligning my actions with what I thought "should" be my values, just like I was defining my success by what I thought success "should" look like.  But, what if it didn't have to be like that?  What if success actually looked like a life of being true to myself, honoring my core values and experiencing joy?  What if... a cosmic shift began.


A few months into coaching, I was noticeably different. I was leading with intention at work, was more present with my family and finally stopped comparing myself to everyone and anyone I perceived as "successful". Rather than making decisions based on what I "should" do, I began to focus on things that truly made me happy and felt fulfilling.   The transformation was so powerful, it sparked a passion to learn more about the field of coaching.  

I began studying with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and received my degree as a Certified Professional Coach the following year.  I It was time to leave the corporate world and pursue coaching full time.  I launched Catalyst4Change, a coaching firm dedicated to helping clients transform their challenges into meaningful change.

Since starting my practice I have also realized my love of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the magic formula of combining CBT with Core Values Coaching.  I became certified in CBT and am currently working on several advanced certifications in CBT, Mindfulness and Grief Coaching.  I am also a certified Group Coach with quarterly group programs ranging from Entrepreneurship to Women in the C-suite. 

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