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We believe that sustained happiness and success are a result of honoring the 4C's: Core Values, Courage, Curiosity and Care. 

It all begins with understanding your Core Values, the ones intrinsic to who we are and what is most important to us.  When we are living a life that aligns with our core values, we feel fulfilled, happy, and at peace.  When we are living a life that is not aligned with our core values, we experience frustration, detachment, anger or sadness.

Courage empowers you to "go deep", explore what is "not working" in your life and commit to making a change.

Curiosity teaches you to ask the important questions without fear or judgement.

Care is the ability to honor your own needs and make decisions based upon your values.

In addition to the 4Cs, Catalyst4Change uses Emotional Intelligence, Energy Leadership techniques and Core Energy Coaching to help clients identify, and align with  their Core Values.  During sessions, clients identify pain points, remove barriers and challenge limiting beliefs.  They are taught to navigate challenging situations, seize opportunities and sustain fulfilling relationships.  Through this process, clients create sustainable happiness.

Our Philosophy 

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What is emotional intelligence & energy leadership? 

Hi, and welcome to Catalyst4Change. 


I'm Jordan, Certified Core Values Coach, WorkLife balance disruptor and business owner.  Throughout my career I have relied on my emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit to guide my success. I have always been ambitious and career driven.  I have also always wanted the perfect partner, lovely home and amazing kids.

I guess you could say, I wanted it all.


In 2013, after launching two companies, landing a leadership role for a hospitality firm and struggling with infertility, I became pregnant with twins.  "How different can raising two babies be?" my husband and I commented when we brought the newborns home.  We were blinded by our babies smiles and coos and blissfully unaware of how drastically things would change.  Not only had our family doubled, but so did our financial needs. 


Determined to continue my corporate climb while raising toddler twins, I accepted a new job, leading Sales & Marketing for a start-up.   I relished the opportunity to excel in my career while earning a hefty paycheck.  Sure, there would be some sacrifices, but I that was life.  I assured myself I could do it all.


Within a year at my new job I was drowning.   My team had doubled in size as had our portfolio and my workload.  Technology gave me the ability to work from anywhere, at anytime and, I did.  I prided myself on showing up for my kids' needs while simultaneously making myself available to clients 24/7.   Certainly watching them while texting or checking email was no big deal.   "This is what successful working parents do." I told myself time and time again.  


By all appearances, we were living our best lives. We lived in NYC with our beautiful twins in a great apartment in the west village. We took vacations and sent the kids to dance class, cooking class, soccer.  We had a full time nanny and were advancing in our career on the way to the c-suite. We "had it all".  So why was I feeling so empty?

On the outside my life was ideal, but on the inside I was falling apart. Everything was a struggle. I began constantly questioning my decisions, my goals and my judgement . I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and creatively depleted.  Worst of all, I had come to believe that this was the price of admission to "living your best life".


In 2014 I was given the opportunity to work with a corporate coach. In our first session she asked, "Please name your top 5 core values." About 2 words into my answer she said "no, not the values you think you should have, but the ones that are truly important in order for you to be happy."   That correction was my first 'a-ha' moment.  I was aligning my actions with what I thought should be my values, rather than the values that were intrinsic to my happiness. A cosmic shift began...


After three months of working with my coach, I was noticeably different., both in and out of the office. With every major decision I would ask myself "how does this align with my values?"  Asking the question helped me focus on my true priorities, rather than things I thought I "should" do.  Within six months, I no longer felt the need to check my phone every five minutes or return emails at all hours.  I had developed boundaries and yet was performing better than ever at work. My creative juices, which had been dormant for so long, were flowing again. The transformation was so powerful, it sparked a passion to learn more about the field of coaching.  

I began studying with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and received my degree as a Certified Professional Coach the following year.   In January 2019, it was time to leave the corporate world and follow my passion.  I launched Catalyst4Change, a coaching firm dedicated to helping clients transform their challenges into meaningful change . 

“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ — not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.  In a study of skills that distinguish star performers in every field from entry-level jobs to executive positions, the single most important factor was not IQ, advanced degrees, or technical experience, it was EQ. 

Of the competencies required for excellence in performance in the job studies, 67% were emotional competencies.” — Daniel Goleman​

"Energy Leadershipputs you in touch with the missing link between your ambitions and your ability to achieve them.  When we hear the term 'leadership,' we often think of CEOs, managers, elected officials, or other influential people. But becoming a leader doesn’t require a specific job title. In theory, we’re all leaders, every day, in every area of our lives.  Each of us has the power to identify and shift our own energies to better serve our clients, our loved ones, and anyone else we interact with—to lead—right from where we are."

- Bruce Schneider

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, eating disorders, and severe mental illness. Numerous research studies suggest that CBT leads to significant improvement in functioning and quality of life. 

What is CBT?

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