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Life coach in red sweater at a desk

Are you stuck?

You've suffered a loss and are having trouble moving on.


You have hit a plateau in your career and can't seem to level up.  


You're a working parent, struggling to find balance.

You're unhappy in your relationship, but don't know how to change.


You "have it all" but something is still missing.


However you may be stuck, we are here to help.

Let's get started.

How do you fix  "STUCK"?

Our Philosophy 

woman smiling at the camera in an office

Set a goal & create a Roadmap to move through crisis into meaningful change..

a couple looking in opposite directions

Identify pain points, improve communication and align core values.

People talking at a Workshop

Problem solve & grow in a safe, collaborative space.

What people are saying...

“I'm so thankful for this opportunity and the time with Jordan, she is amazing! Spending time with someone that is equipped to identify the areas we're "stuck"; who can explain clearly without prejudice or bias; and then find ways to reset perspective or sew into our fabric a new perspective is exactly what I needed. “

Tim S. -Delivery Manager, Accenture

"During one of the most tumultuous periods of my life, navigating a traumatic divorce, Jordan was a beacon of clarity and strength. Her ability to provide straight talk, combined with her deep empathy, was instrumental in guiding me through my challenges. Beyond just personal support, Jordan's insights were pivotal in helping me refocus and advance in my career. Her unique blend of compassion and directness ensures that you not only find solace but also actionable strategies to move forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Jordan to anyone seeking genuine support and a clear path to rebuilding and thriving."

-Mary C.

"Working with Jordan has transformed my life. She started by helping me define my core values, empowering me to engage with clients that best align with my personal mission. Throughout our coaching, Jordan has provided frameworks to tackle current and future challenges. This has played an instrumental role in determining the direction in which I want to build my business.

I appreciate Jordan’s empathetic, thoughtful approach. She is an advocate as well as a sounding board. I would highly recommend Jordan’s coaching services to any leader seeking advice and clarity on their professional development journey."

Riley K.-Founder, ClearCritical

 "I wish I could say that my training as a mental health professional prepared me to grieve changes in my physical health, the drastic ending to work I loved, and being left with empty spaces in my nest that were taken by my parents. It was in the middle of these transitions and sadness that I was introduced to Jordan Schwartz Hendin, my Grief and Life Coach. What a gift!

With compassion and gentleness, Jordan entered into my world, allowing space for
tears and anger and laughter.  One night, just days before my father’s death, I couldn’t
cope with the intrusion of nurses and caregivers and the raw emotion of family members
flooding into our house. But Jordan “met” me as I “lost it,” crouched on the floor, under
my desk. She made sure that I knew I was not alone. Jordan faithfully walked with me
through death and mourning, the void and quiet that have followed, and now, the
figuring out of how to live my life and make healthy and joyful choices while still grieving.
I am truly thankful for Jordan and the difference she and her work have made."

- Laura E.

I have been working with Jordan for a full year and I can't begin to describe her value. When I had my first session, I knew I needed a change but had no idea where to start. Jordan provides a caring and empathetic atmosphere but also holds you accountable. She is quick to help me reframe thoughts that don't serve me and change my definition of success. The amount of practical and professional experience she brings to the table is impressive and I frequently utilize her background to help me through current issues in my business.

One year ago I was a burned out nurse who could only dream of starting a business. Today, I have my own company and am making money doing what I love.

I continue to see the value Jordan brings to my business and personal life. Choosing her as my coach was the best first step I could have taken."

Kristin R.- Owner, Fiscal Bliss

"Jordan, working with you has been an absolute pleasure. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to better understand myself as it has lead to really great stuff at work but also outside of work. I am 100% more confident in who I am and what my strengths are. Conversely I am also 100% more comfortable in what I don't know and the places where I am not as strong. I owe a lot to the work you guided me through to get here. I know I had to do the work but without you I wouldn't have even started on the journey. You are an amazing coach and I will take the things you've taught me with me through the rest of my career and beyond. I am eternally grateful that I found you when I did. You were exactly what I needed at the time when I may have needed it most. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being my coach!"

Amy B.-Brand Director, SLB

"Jordan is that extra piece of support that has transformed the way

I look at my career and myself.
When I was first given the opportunity to work with a coach, I did not know what to expect. I began my coaching journey  in one phase of my career and quickly moved into another.  Jordan's unique perspective, support and flexibility guided me through a major promotion while keeping me focused and centered."

Julie P. - Managing Director, Darden Restaurants

"Jordan is exceptional! She was very quick in learning about me and how to help me. Fantastic sessions every time. Can't say enough about her coaching. I learned so much about myself and will take away so many things that Jordan imparted into how I think about things moving forward. This was exactly what I needed."

Joanna G.-Director Coverage & Enablement, American Express

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