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ARE YOU STUCK?'ve suffered a loss and are having trouble moving on. 
OR...'re an executive who is struggling to find balance in your life. 
OR...'ve hit a plateau in your career and don't know how to get to the next level.  OR...'re in a relationship that's not working, but you don't know how to leave. 

OR... "have it all" and you're still not happy.  


Wherever you may be stuck, we help you create a path to successfully move forward.  


Let's get started .

How do you fix "STUCK"?

Our Philosophy 

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Set a Goal & Create a Roadmap to unlimited Success and Happiness.

Every person is unique
and so is every coaching program.

Catalyst4Change Coaching helps you understand the "why" behind underlying fears, limiting beliefs & unhealthy behaviors that impose barriers to your success or happiness


Using CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) principals and our "4Cs" approach, we help you connect the dots between feelings, thoughts and behaviors (the why, what and how of coaching).  Through this process, we will uncover pain points and enable you to turn challenges into meaningful change.


What are The "4Cs?"
Core Values: Core Values are those values intrinsic to who you are and what is most important to you. 
When you live life aligned with your core values, you are fulfilled, happy, and at peace.  When your life is not aligned with your core values, you experience frustration, detachment, anger and sadness.

Courage: Be courageous and "go deep". We provide a safe environment to explore what's "not working", confront challenges and face your fears.

Curiosity: We live by "A.B.C.": Always Be Curious.

Embracing genuine curiosity gives you permission to ask important questions without fear or judgement.

Create: See it, be it, build it. Once you align with your core values, have the courage to face your fears and the curiosity to understand the "why" behind your actions, you are empowered to make meaningful change and create the future you want.

Posing Like Statue

Identify Pain Points, Improve Communication and Align Core Values.

People During Workshop

Problem Solve & Grow in a Safe, Collaborative Space.

What People are Saying...

“I'm so thankful for this opportunity and the time with Jordan, she is amazing! Spending time with someone that is equipped to identify the areas we're "stuck"; who can explain clearly without prejudice or bias; and then find ways to reset perspective or sew into our fabric a new perspective is exactly what I needed. “

Tim S. -Delivery Manager, Accenture

"Working with Jordan has transformed my life. She started by helping me define my core values, empowering me to engage with clients that best align with my personal mission. Throughout our coaching, Jordan has provided frameworks to tackle current and future challenges. This has played an instrumental role in determining the direction in which I want to build my business.

I appreciate Jordan’s empathetic, thoughtful approach. She is an advocate as well as a sounding board. I would highly recommend Jordan’s coaching services to any leader seeking advice and clarity on their professional development journey."

Riley K-Founder , ClearCritical.

"Jordan is that extra piece of support that has transformed the way I look at my career and myself.
When I was first given the opportunity to work with a coach, I did not know what to expect. I began my coaching journey  in one phase of my career and quickly moved into another.  Jordan's unique perspective, support and flexibility guided me through a major promotion while keeping me focused and centered."

Julie P. - Managing Director, Darden Restaurants

"Jordan is exceptional! She was very quick in learning about me and how to help me. Fantastic sessions every time. Can't say enough about her coaching. This was exactly what I needed."

Joanna G.-Director Coverage & Enablement, American Express

"I highly recommend Jordan Hendin’s coaching services! She helped me immensely. Not only did we work on the initial issue that I contacted her about, but we uncovered obstacles that I wasn’t even aware of until we delved deeper. I cannot say enough positive things about Jordan!"

Marie R.- Patient Navigator, Mom, Board Member 

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