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What is Grief Coaching?

What do people grieve other than death?

There are many other events that can trigger feelings of grief including divorce, separation, imprisonment, injury, retirement, pregnancy, miscarriage, a child leaving home, changing residences, and so many others.

How do I know if I'm ready for Grief Coaching?

 If you’re finding it challenging moving forward from your grief, coaching can provide focus, clarity, and direction.

Grief Coaching  is an opportunity to explore your grief in a safe, supportive environment.

The value in coaching comes from strategies that individuals are given to develop their strength through the bereavement process so that their lives don’t become stuck in the grieving stage.  

The process helps you become more self-aware and take action so that you can begin successfully moving in the right direction after a loss.

How can a Grief Coach Help me?

A Grief Coach’s goal is to help push you through challenging times and help you focus on what’s ahead. During your sessions, you can expect them to help you navigate your changed life resulting from loss. .

You can expect a grief coach to:

  • Slowly guide you to recovery

  • Talk to you 

  • Help you understand your emotions

  • Support you through the mourning process

  • Minimize the feeling of being alone

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Individual  Coaching Sessions are 50 minutes each. 
New clients meet weekly for the first 12 sessions.


Group Coaching for Grief

Group therapy

Group coaching for Grief brings the topic of loss into a small group context. 

Each group is curated to ensure intimate conversation and connection. 

Sessions are focused on supporting one another, working through your emotions, setting goals, taking action, and holding one another accountable.

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